Small Church {Finding Meaning & Connection on Sundays}

I go to a big church.

And I love it. I love what a large church provides for me: Great teaching. Large and well organized children’s programs, vibrant worship with great production values, a wide variety of people making it easy to find kindred spirits and friends in my life stage.

Towards A Gospel Centred Social Justice

Social justice is perhaps one of the most common topics in today’s culture. All of the injustices that happen, both locally and globally are troubling. I have been exploring the question regarding the relationship between the Gospel and social justice. Thus far, I have studied what Scripture has to say in regards to this topic as well as what minds throughout Christian history said regarding this topic.

Why I wear a cross

Do you wear a cross necklace? If not, you probably know someone who does. Do you ever wonder why? I

What happened after Christ's resurrection?

On Sunday I attempted to detail, as much as possible, all the things that Jesus did AFTER His resurrection and BEFORE His ascension. This would have been 40 days, as noted in Acts 1:1-3

A Peacemaker's Prayer

By Ken Sande, author of The Peacemaker: A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict:

Years ago, Charles Spurgeon wrote, “A primary qualification for serving God with any amount of success, and for doing God’s work well and triumphantly, is a sense of our own weakness.”

This insight led me to write a prayer that I’ve used again and again whenever I have needed to be reconciled to someone or have had the opportunity to serve others as a peacemaker.

When Life is Grey, See Blue

After two whole days of nonstop raining, I got into my car on a damp and dismal morning. The grey clouds matched the greyness that had crept into my demeanor. I felt like I was driving in a fog, only seeing the road a few feet in front of me.

Sifting in progress...

I am ashamed to say this, but transparency is my goal, so here goes:

My family is Jamaican and, until 4yrs ago, I could not cook. 


Yes. I am a Jamerican (Jamaican-American) who did not learn how to cook until I was in my late 20s. My excuse? My mom was always there to cook plus I was the baby of my family so there were other people who cooked.

I am proud to say that now that I’m in my 30s, I can cook (still no full Jamaican meals but I’m making progress) and I can bake. Thank God for the deliverance!

Welcome Home

Sweet One. Stop striving. You know that feeling when you are simply so tired. When the world isn’t in colours because your brain doesn’t actually have enough energy to compute them. When you feel empty and lifeless and full of regret. When you believe you are the sum of; the words you have said and those that have been said about you. It is so easy to get bogged down in the ideas of others, the pressures of who people want you to be and what they want you to do.


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