As Gracious as God

I remember when I was still single.  I was quite bitter back then, and very angry!  Mostly because o

Revelation: War in Heaven.

Excerpts from my sister’s book, “The End is Near.”

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When I went to church last night I was so anxious to get there bc it was an emotional healing service and I wanted to be healed so badly from a lot of things in my past and that have happened to me this past year. I used my gps which took me 52 minutes to my destination – normally a 35 minutes drive to Houston. I was so anxious and worried that they would turn me away from childcare and I wouldn’t get to go into the healing service or I’d miss the most important parts of it, that I so desperately needed. My heart & mind pleading.. If I could touch the hem of His garment!

A Day in the Life of G-d’s Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53

1″He led me back to the entrance of the Temple, and I found that water was issuing from below the platform of the Temple—eastward, since the Temple faced east—but the water was running out at the south of the altar, under the south wall of the Temple. 2Then he led me out by way of the northern gate and led me around to the outside of the outer gate that faces in the direction of the east; and I found that water was gushing from [under] the south wall.

Give Thanks [2017/2/27]

Thank You God for a blessed Monday. Let us always start the week with You Jesus :D


IT’S PANCAKE TUESDAY!! I’m not sure you can tell how excited I am, but I’m pretty ecstatic, I mean who doesn’t love a good pancake? But soon it will be over for another year and then comes those 40 days of lent.

I have to admit sometimes I think lent is misinterpreted, people use it as an excuse to take up that New Years Resolution that only lasted a few weeks or to justify and motivate going on a diet. But there is SO much more to lent than going off chocolate.

Give Thanks [2017/2/26]

Thank You Lord for Sabbath. Let us focus more on You and be thankful :D

Only an Hour Away

Today, I’m grateful that views like this are only an hour away from me. Actually, it’s probably more like 45 minutes, which still isn’t too bad!

Word of Faith church in North Carolina exposed as a cult

In 1979, math teacher Jane Whaley and her former used car salesman husband, Sam, started Word of Fai


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